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Award Winning Instruction

Dixon White's DVD Training Series

Dixon White's Paragliding DVD Training Series

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Thermal Flying Book

Thermal Flying by Burkhart Martens Covershot Thermal Flying by Burkhart Martens Covershot
Looking to improve your cross country flying skills? Thermal Flying by Burkhart Martens is the bible when it comes to XC Flying.

Paraglider DVD Training series

Our programs have become the standards for the industry. Our paraglider video/DVD training series, "Starting Paragliding", "Weather to Fly", "The Art of Kiting", "Paraglider Towing" and "Lifting Air", offer insights to many of the disciplines of paragliding. All the DVD's are hosted by Dixon White who was the first ever recipient of the USHPA Instructor of the Year Award. Dixon passed away from natural causes May 30, 2004. Eagle Paragliding was Dixon's first sister school, and he was a mentor to the eagle program long before Eagle Paragliding merged with Airplay paragliding. Dixon was the instructor's instructor, and these DVD's give you a chance to spend some time with a paragliding legend.

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