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Award Winning Instruction

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If you want to paraglide, and you want the best instruction available, then you want Eagle. There are important factors to consider before committing to a school. Learn to fly with our Award Winning Paragliding Instruction.

Become A Paraglider Pilot

Learn to Paraglide with Eagle Paragliding Most students are Novice rated in 8-10 days. After certification you're an Eagle student for life. Benefits include continuing education, and priority invitations to our world class tours. Find out what it takes to be a Paraglider Pilot.

Pilot flies 52 Miles on his first XC Flight

Eagle Paragliding Cross Country ParaglidingRead Tom Brands Paragliding Magazine Article detailing how he flew 50 miles on his very first Cross Country flight while participating in an Eagle Paragliding Clinic. Visit the Eagle Press Room for more articles and stories about Eagle Paragliding..

Meet the Eaglets

Eagle Paragliding Rookies 

We have been busy instructing a brand New Flock of Eaglets. Meet the new and continuing Eagle Pilots. Watch them go from the training hill to the mountains for their first high flights, and join Eagle on Paragliding Tours and Paragliding Clinics around the world.

Eagle Pilots around the world

Paraglider Training 

Our reputation spans the globe. Watch the Paragliding Videos of Eagle alumni Tom Keefer flying the North Aiguille Du Midi launch in Chamonix France, and some beautiful sites in Italy.

View stories and pictures of Eaglets paragliding around the world.

Go On Tour With Eagle Paragliding!

Eagle Paragliding organizes paragliding tours for all pilots of all skill levels Be sure to check our Paragliding Events Calendar to reserve space on one of our unprecedented tours. We bring pilots of all skill levels to flying destinations which span the globe. Our large staff of the nations top pilots and instructors provide unmatched service. Find out more about our Paragliding Tours

Eagle Paragliding Instructors

ROB SPORRER has been flying paragliders since 1995, and teaching since 1998. Rob holds an Advanced Paragliding Rating, Advanced Instructor Rating, Tandem Instructor Rating, and is both a Tandem Administrator and Instructor Administrator. Rob was awarded the United States 2002 Instructor of the Year Award from the United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association. Rob is also a certified EMT, and a member of the Sheriff Department's Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue Team. Rob teaches all over the world, and has been coaching The National Paragliding team at the world champions since 2009. He is also the chief instructor for ABLE pilot getting people confined to wheelchairs the ability to fly.

MITCH RILEY has been selected as a wildcard entry to the 2017 Red Bull X-alps.This is arguably the most incredible adventure race on the planet.Please make a donation to support Mitch in the race. Mitch gives everything he has to his students, friends, and his training. Lets take this opportunity to give back to a guy who truly deserves our support! Go Mitch!!! Mitch was the 2015 US Paragliding National Champion. Mitch learned to fly in Crested Butte, Colorado. Mitch has been doing loads of tandem flying in Sun Valley, Idaho, and Pokhara Nepal. Mitch is also into vol-bivouac and acro flying as well. Mitch has racked up countless hours flying XC on 2 continents. Mitch has a competitive spirit, but is a calm and cool paragliding instructor. We feel lucky to have Mitch working with us at Eagle. He has received nothing but praise and positive feedback from the student he has worked with here. Look for Mitch in the 2017 Red Bull X-Alps competition.

DILAN BENEDETTI has dreamt of flying his entire life.   He began flying in the Italian Alps in 2007.   He decided to dedicate his life to the sport, the sport that quickly became his passion. Dilan discovered his love for Acro in Morocco, and safely practiced Acro over Pokhara Lake in Nepal.  He became the first Italian pilot to master Infinity Tumbling. In 2013 he placed third in the Italian Acro Championships. The decision was then made to become an SIV instructor and Acro trainer.  Nepal was hit with a major earthquake in April of 2015 and Dilan was forced to make a move. We feel lucky he has landed at Eagle Paragliding. 

LORENZO ROMANO is from Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He has the laid back California attitude, so we think he was meant to be out here with us in Santa Barbara. He is a great instructor and tandem pilot, and we are lucky to have him on board. Students gravitate towards Lorenzo as he makes learning fun with a bright positive attitude. We will have Lorenzo on the Eagle team for years to come, he is a really talented teacher, and we are utilizing his skills by keeping him busy out there teaching and flying tandems.

CHRIS CLONTZ works at the Recreation center at UCSB. He began flying with us when Eagle began to work with the college doing paragliding activities with them for students. Chris is an exceptional instructor, and he has put many hours into working with Eagle. He is a natural teacher, and his ability to get his students to succeed quickly is a testament to his passion and skill as an instructor. Chris joins us in Colombia for our tours every year, and in 2016 he absolutely ruled. he never bombed out, and was always leading the charge on HUGE flights. Clontz is a favorite for kids. The guy was meant to teach.

KEVIN HOWE has been working with Eagle since 2006. He has worked extensively with students at the training hill, and joined us as a staff instructor on many of our tours all over the world. Kevin has also played a big role in our SIV training. He has been a tow technician and boat driver up at the lake. He has gleaned a great deal of information with all his time at the clinics, and is a good instructor to talk to about maneuvers and SIV training. Kevin is a very patient teacher, and does an amazing job helping each student achieve their goals. He really understands flying concepts and does an outstanding job in communicating these concepts to all of his students.

MARITE MONTERO TERRY is from Peru, and has been paragliding now for 4 years. She has traveled with Eagle on Tours to Mexico and Colombia. She teaches in both English and Spanish. Marite does most of her teaching at Elings Park, but is beginning to coach and help out on tours as well. She does all the reserve repacking and other service duties for Eagle. Marite is also a massage therapist, and she is usually giving our students massages after their day of flying. You can Call Marite at 805.450.0525 to schedule a massage.

MARTY DEVIETTI is a paragliding legend. He has an aviation background, and is an award winning instructor who was a protege of Dixon White. Marty works with us in Santa Barbara doing tandems, and joins us as a guide on our winter tours to Colombia. Marty does it all...coaching, encouraging, and sharing so many pearls of wisdom with his 25 years of paragliding experience. He is the guy you want in your corner in just about any situation. He always has the spare part or tool you need to get a repair done. How does he do that?

DAVE TURNER has worked in Santa Barbara to cover for Eagle while most of the staff was in Colombia during our winter tours. Now he is joining us for guiding in Colombia, and he is a huge asset to the team. Most of you may know him from the Red Bull X-Alps competition, and all his big flights. Dave teaches in the Owens Valley where he runs his school Sierra Paragliding. He is THE instructor to get with in the Owens Valley. He is the real deal : ) Dave has quite an impressive history in the climbing world as well. Always fun to have Dave tells some quirky stories of his adventures.

BRIAN HOWELL has been working with Eagle as an instructor in Santa Barbara half the year in winter and spring since 2012. He spends the Summer and Fall in Jackson Wyoming working his window cleaning business with his brother Chris. Brian’s partner Kelly likes the sunshine in Santa Barbara after so many years of snow in Jackson. Brian flies the big air in Jackson, and his summer work schedule prevents him from doing many competitions, but he is all about XC. Brian has joined us to guide on our last 2 Colombian tours. He is a big favorite with pilots, and his groups always seem to have huge success down there. He is a consummate professional, and he will be hungry for airtime after missing this early winter flying in Santa Barbara because he was busy on a remodel in Jackson. Hope you can be there if he goes New Jersey on somebody.

DREW QUINE is an Eagle Paragliding Apprentice Instructor, and has been flying with Eagle since 2011. Drew is a natural. He is all smiles, and we love having his energy at the flight park. He works with our new students, and continues to succeed getting our students ready to fly. Drew is also an entrepreneur starting his own line of healthy tea.

GIB JENKINS is an Eagle Paragliding Apprentice Instructor, and has been flying with Eagle for a year now. He works with our new students, and continues to succeed getting our students ready to fly. Gib is also DJ, and is very knowledge on the subject of perma-culture. We are lucky to have Gib on the team.

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